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My name is DeAndre “Drebaby” Barry. I’m 45 years old with one daughter who’s 32 I’ve been blessed to be able to witness and share 12 plus years and 2 year with my other prize possessions of my life. That would be my granddaughter Madison and my grandson Mason.

I currently reside in St. Louis, MO but I spent almost 20 years in Jefferson City, MO where I attended Lincoln University. I hold a bachelor degree in Marketing with emphasis in Business Administration. I also possess knowledge in the MBA Sector. I have been privileged to work in the Private, Non-For-Profit; and Federal, State, Business Service & Education Field based on my participation with Sam Walton Business Program called S.IF.E..

I joined Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated by way of Eta Sigma ΗΣ in 1995 with 5 other distinguished young men (Richard Washington, Ben Starks, Christopher Key, Melvin Jenkins & Douglas King). Yes, I’m the TREY on my ship. Since joining Omega I vowed to serve her aim. I am a National Life Member, I am an 8th District Life Member, I am an Upsilon Omega Local Life Member, I am an Upsilon Omega Lifetime Housing Member and I’m apart of the Omega Elite. I’ve also served on several committees and been Eta Alpha Omega Man of the Year 2011 & 2002. I’m currently the Co-Advisor for Eta Sigma.

Things about me: I’m a strong believer in faith. I’m honest. I’m open. I don’t sugar coat my feelings. I believe that cleanliness is the next thing to Godliness. I love helping and enriching others. I’m driven to be great. I’m a great listener but will provide my input (sometimes it might in your favor and sometime it may not ??????). I believe in open dialog & communication. I can cook. I love football, basketball, baseball, track & field and many more sports. I'm compassionate and love hard. I’m Family Oriented. I love individual and group outings. I enjoy traveling. I gain satisfaction in putting a smile on my mate, family and friends face more than my own.

Things that bring me happiness is: Love, Family, Faith, Prosperous Living, Longevity, Success and Money.

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Dre Da Trey ΗΣ 95

Dre Da Trey ΗΣ 95

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